I still remember the first time I met Rohit. It was at a hole-in-the-wall Indian fast food place in NYC before a concert. We barely spoke, but it was great to finally put a name and a face together as I had heard a lot about him from mutual friends.

Our paths began to cross, but he was still my friend’s friend until our trip to Vietnam/Cambodia. His easy going personality, inquisitive mind, sense of self, and wittiness not only made the trip memorable, but slowly found a place in my consciousness. Our conversations started with a joint desire to start a not-for-profit, but over time, our discussions began to span from philosophy to family stories to work experiences to mundane day-to-day realities. Talking on the phone became a breeze which took me by surprise as I’ve never been a ‘phone person.’ We started spending time together and it became apparent that I had fallen for someone completely opposite of anything I ever thought I wanted.

But, that’s the thing about Rohit Tote. His presence in my life has helped me realize many new facets of myself, starting with the fact that even though he’s completely different from what I thought I wanted, he has surpassed all my expectations as a friend, as a partner, and as a person. I am looking forward to discovering new aspects of myself as Mrs. Tote.

Ours is a story of the tussle between Fate and Circumstance. Luckily for Trush, Fate won and we ended up together (alright, alright - a little lucky for me as well). When we first met, Trush had just moved into an apartment down the street from where I lived and I was getting ready to leave the United States for good. Perfect circumstances for a new relationship. I don't think we really noticed each other either. We hung out for the most romantic of reasons - I needed a ride to move stuff and she had a car.

But Fate intervened. Our paths crossed again when she joined us for our annual trip to 'somewhere in the world with friends from the New York area.' Nothing quite creates the same bond between people as a trip to a far flung place where you don't speak the language and don't like the food (it also has the potential for creating the staunchest of enemies but that's another story). Vietnam and Cambodia helped us get to know each other. I realized that not only was this woman beautiful, charming, and intelligent but also had an amazing ability to empathize with people. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside to use a cliché. I knew I was in trouble. We were on each others radars with eight thousand miles between us for safety. She was sure she did not want to do long distance, I excelled at pretending I didn't hear. What followed were many hours of international calls, multiple trips to different European cities, an engagement in Rome, and now the upcoming wedding in Mumbai (clearly, we are concerned about our carbon footprint).

I'm not sure what the future holds for us. Wise ones that have tread the path before swear it is downhill from here. Perfect. With Trush for company, I'm ready for the ride. Bring it on.